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3 answers

Do Christians believe in witchcraft and the occult?

Do Christians believe that people can tap into supernatural powers through the practice of witchcraft and the occult? I'm aware that there are passages in the Bible that prohibit messing around with ...
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6 answers

How does Christianity view such persons who are Xianpo(s)?

I live in China, and there is a kind of person called Xianpo here. The Xianpo can talk to the dead soul, and the soul can tell the Xainpo what he saw. One day, I told the Xianpo that I met a woman, so ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the biblical basis of the "goats are evil" trope?

Having spent some time cuddling and playing with goats, which are delightful creatures, I have to ask: What is the biblical basis of the association, common even among Christians, of goats with Satan ...
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3 answers

Why do some Christians oppose Tarot cards?

The title should explain it all. Many (perhaps most) Christians view Tarot cards as evil, or at least something to be avoided. Why?
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Why are Christianity and occultism irreconcilable? [closed]

Occultism, both in subtle and patent forms, is everywhere in our modern societies. A workmate tells you about a ouija seance she attended (and what she saw there, to her surprise), another tells you ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Do Catholics celebrate Halloween?

I just read this apparent quote from Pope Francis on (accessed October, 2014): Most churches agree with what Pope Francis has expressed in this opinion, “Many think Halloween is a ...
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What does this possibly Catholic symbol mean?

I have this symbol over the entrance of my apartment. I have been told it is a Catholic symbol, and the owner of the flat is probably Catholic since it is the dominant faith here. Searching on Google ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What kinds of supernatural beings are in the Bible?

The Bible mentions a number of supernatural beings, starting with the most commonly known ones - God, angels, spirits, but there are also ones that appear less often, like witches (Witch of Endor), or ...
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