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Questions tagged [nature-of-man]

relating to the theological definition of anthropology - that set of doctrines which attempt to understand how God created the spirit, soul, and mind of a human being, and to ascertain that for which he destined and how he is subject to the natural laws

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In the Reformed tradition, can an elect expect progressive recovery of reason, emotion, and will before death?

Reformed tradition teaches that human beings are totally depraved, and cannot even come to faith without God's assistance. Their reason rejects God's supremacy, their will refuses God's invitation, ...
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How are God, angels, men and devils related, according to the Scriptures?

I see a lot of pseudo-Scriptural mysticism on the subject of the identities of angels and devils, men and God. I say mysticism not to dismiss attempted explanations categorically, but because the ...
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What is the biblical basis for Semi-Pelagianism?

Broadly speaking, Semi-Pelagianism is the idea that while we are born sinners, we are capable of seeking God without a supernatural "override" of our nature, such as that of Calvinism's ...
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Contemporary Evangelical human nature positions that are different than St. Augustine

St. Augustine's theology is highly embedded in Western Christian denominations today, including among Evangelicals. But I'm sure his theology is not the only one supported by the Bible. In other ...
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Does God create fresh souls or are we a part of Gods soul?

With the premise that we have souls and the premise that the soul of God is eternal. If God's soul is eternal, are the parts of that soul eternal too. If we are parts of that whole soul, then are we ...
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