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Hymns, choruses and other uses of music in worship.

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Modern musical instruments in Catholic church service

These days we can see many churches using latest musical instruments to worship God in the church, example - Assembly of God. Once I attended a Catholic church. Some sisters were sitting at the ...
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What is the biblical basis for the prohibition of instruments in worship?

I understand that some Protestant churches prohibit the use of musical instruments in their worship services. What is the specific biblical basis for this practice, or, if there is no specific ...
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Does the Bible give any rules for music? [closed]

Does the Bible provide any rules or even any indication about what kind or style of music is appropriate, both for worship and in general?
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What is the basis for forbidding prerecorded music in worship services?

My church's stated philosophy of music requires that all music used in the worship service be performed live – that is, the use of prerecorded accompaniment tracks or other audio is not permitted. I ...
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How are patriotic songs used in US churches?

A comical blog mentioned “patriotic worship”. It is also hinted at in this article and in this article where it is made clear that patriotic songs such as the ones listed here are sung and they are ...
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What is the biblical basis for singing in church?

I know music is a form of worship that is expressed several times throughout the Bible, but how did singing gain such a pivotal role in church services? What biblical basis is there for congregational ...
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Byzantine Chant vs. Gregorian Chant: What are the differences in goals as far as attitude and concepts between these two chanting styles

I'm NOT interested here in the difference in musical structure and rules here, per-say, between the Byzantine and Gregorian chanting styles. What I'm more interested in is the difference between them ...
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What should be the role of music in corporate worship? [closed]

There are many musical expressions used in corporate worship gatherings. Some of these music expressions are corporate (singing songs together), some are experiential (listening to a choir or soloist)....
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Is song a critical component of worship or something that we've just borrowed from example? [closed]

As a follow-up to this previous question: What is the biblical basis for singing in church? Would worship be incomplete without song? Though their are examples of worship through song in the bible ...
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