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What does Neo-Scholastic Thomism say about the Charismatic Renewal movement?

What does Neo-Scholastic Thomism say about the Charismatic Renewal movement? Contemporary Thomist philosopher Dr. Ed Feser, in The Thomistic Tradition (part 1), defines "Neo-Scholastic Thomism" as ...
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1 answer

What is the difference between a denomination and a movement?

I grew up raised in an Apostolic(Oneness-)Pentecostal church that affirmed O.S.A.S., I was always told our denomination was Pentecostal, but I see some refer to Pentecost as a movement, and U.P.C. as ...
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What is the "New Theological Movement" within the Catholic Church?

I've only seen 4 links so far to posts from on this site, but all it appears to be is a blog by a priest with a very staunch detractor who comes up with ...
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What is the "Light-Life Movement"

I saw this in a user profile, and would just like a description of what the movement is. Beliefs, how it varies from "the norm" (if it does) history, etc. So, simply, what is the Light-Life Movement?...
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2 answers

How diverse or united is Christian history on the imagery of “Father” and “Son”?

The original languages of the Bible itself and, to my knowledge, most of Christian history, are replete with the filial language of God being known as a “Father” and Jesus being known as his “Son”. ...
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You might be a "fundamentalist" if ___

What sources could one appeal to if trying to argue if a doctrine was or was not consistent with fundamentalism? The question What is fundamentalism? identifies the historical source and some of the ...