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Is holiness next to uncleanliness in Leviticus? (Leprosy vs Menstruation)

I was at a conference today and got to hear the pretty awesome Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. He was explaining something I'd never heard before, and I'm probably butchering it, that holiness makes you ...
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Are menstruating women considered ritually impure in Christianity?

In certain religions, women are considered as ritually impure during their menstrual cycles. They are asked not to participate in sacred rituals etc during those times. Is it the same in Christianity?...
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Are prospective Mormons allowed to be baptized during their menstruation periods?

A simple Google search turns up conflicting answers. One source says that some temples have no restrictions on menstruating Mormons, require menstruating Mormons to wear tampons, or bar menstruating ...
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In which Christian denomination(s), do people plan their weddings around the bride's menstrual periods?

I am a Russian Orthodox Christian, and I know other Russian Orthodox Christians who consider a woman's menses to be impure. As a woman, this monthly bleeding is not saying that I am evil or bad during ...
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