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According to the Bible, how should Christians meditate? [closed]

In the recent years the word "meditation" has been used widely, including in non-religious contexts. Should we, Christians meditate? If yes, what should we do while meditating? S What does the Bible ...
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According to Protestants, is it sinful to practice Yoga?

I know a lot of people who claim to be Christian but practice Yoga. I always thought (and Wikipedia seems to back me up on this) that Yoga was about meditation in Hinduism or Buddhism. Is practicing ...
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Is Eastern Orthodox Christianity against doing yoga or meditation?

I've heard opposite opinions on this (for example, in an interview with Christine Mangala Frost) and I was wondering about it. So is Eastern Orthodox Christianity against doing yoga or meditation?
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Do any Protestant denominations practice meditative or contemplative prayer?

Having read David's answer to How much are psalms and other prayers from Bible understood as actual prayer in Protestantism?, I wonder whether any Protestants practice meditative or contemplative ...
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Does transcendental meditation conflict with any Christian beliefs? [closed]

I've seen many testimonies and case studies lauding the benefits of transcendental meditation. It is said that it isn't a religion and people of all religions participate in this practice. As a ...
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Does the Eastern orthodox church prohibit Christian meditation?

There is already a question on whether or not yoga and other non-Christian meditative practices are permissible according to the Eastern Orthodox Church, however I was wondering if all forms of ...
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What distinguishes Christian meditation from the Catholic tradition from non-Christian meditation? [closed]

There are many different kinds of meditation or prayer, Christian and non-Christian. However, I am confused regarding actual difference because these varieties, both Christian and non-Christian, seem ...
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What is the purpose of the ten Hail Marys in the Rosary if you should not focus on them?

Many Catholics pray the Rosary every day. This is very good. They are meditating on the holy Mysteries. What I don't really get is the ten Hail Marys. I am not saying that it's vain repetition. That's ...
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What Saints have given guided written meditations?

Recently I have found meditations by St. Francis de Sales in his Introduction to the Devout life, and St Ignatius Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises, that I find have helped to deepen my faith. Are ...
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Is there an equivalent of analytic meditation in Protestantism?

Analytic meditation, as defined: Our minds are filled with confused thoughts and beliefs; often, even when we recognize logically that our beliefs are wrong, they are so embedded that they are ...
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Are there any specific rules on everyday life at all in Christianity?

Christianity seems to be one big category with a long list of denominations. To my knowledge, there is no "Christian language" in the same way as in Islam (Arabic) or Judaism (Hebrew) or Hinduism (...
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Is mindfulness meditation banned in Eastern Orthodoxy?

Is focusing on your breathing to meditate banned in the Orthodox church, in particular the Serbian Orthodox church? I know that it's not allowed to not focus on anything at all, because the devil will ...
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Arguments For/Against Spiritual Uses of Cannabis in Christianity? [closed]

As I am aware most Christians regard the physical and spiritual effects of Cannabis as the same as use of alcohol for intoxication, and that its use is not permitted by their doctrines. Contrarily, ...
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Modern Hesychasm in Christianity

There is a hindu contemplative tradition called self-inquiry, where a seeker of God asks "who am I?" to expose the person as unreal (a collection of self-image, body, identification, etc.) The ...
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According to the the Catholic Church is ASMR an illicit form of self-stimulation?

I was looking through my daughter's Internet history and found that she was watching something called ASMR on youtube. My wife and I watched these things and we were totally enthralled listening to ...
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Can '15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden' be divided and prayed through the day?

Can '15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden' be divided and prayed through the day? What about '7 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden', can they be likewise divided? Prayers mentioned are full of content, ...
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Are there any Reformed theologians who support the practice of mindfulness (inner body awareness)? [closed]

As Eastern and Western religions begin to exchange lifestyles and practices, more and more Christians are participating in mindful meditation practices such as Zazen. When I refer to "mindfulness", I ...
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