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A variety of practices related to training the mind

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According to the Bible, how should Christians meditate? [closed]

In the recent years the word "meditation" has been used widely, including in non-religious contexts. Should we, Christians meditate? If yes, what should we do while meditating? S What does the Bible ...
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What distinguishes Christian meditation from the Catholic tradition from non-Christian meditation? [closed]

There are many different kinds of meditation or prayer, Christian and non-Christian. However, I am confused regarding actual difference because these varieties, both Christian and non-Christian, seem ...
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According to Protestants, is it sinful to practice Yoga?

I know a lot of people who claim to be Christian but practice Yoga. I always thought (and Wikipedia seems to back me up on this) that Yoga was about meditation in Hinduism or Buddhism. Is practicing ...
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Is Eastern Orthodox Christianity against doing yoga or meditation?

I've heard opposite opinions on this (for example, in an interview with Christine Mangala Frost) and I was wondering about it. So is Eastern Orthodox Christianity against doing yoga or meditation?
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Does transcendental meditation conflict with any Christian beliefs? [closed]

I've seen many testimonies and case studies lauding the benefits of transcendental meditation. It is said that it isn't a religion and people of all religions participate in this practice. As a ...
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