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Does the pine cone statue at the vatican represent the pineal gland? [duplicate]

The pineal gland of the human brain is where the drug dmt is formed, can it mean something?
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How should we react facing a disease? Should we fight against a disease? I mean, to seek for healthcare. Do diseases have a purpose? [closed]

I wonder How should we react facing a disease? Should we fight against a disease? I mean, to seek for healthcare.(Our body already do that) Do diseases have a purpose? Albert Einstein refused to get ...
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Medical discoveries made by Christians? [closed]

Wikipedia has a List of Christian Nobel laureates, but I can't find a list of great medical discoveries made by or even medical drugs created by religious people (or by Christian people) I am not ...
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Why do some Christians say it wrong to "play God" in medicine?

God is all good. He came to earth as Jesus Christ to die for our sins and give us an example of a perfect life to attempt to follow. Medical technologies take many forms. Some, for example ...
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How best for a Christian to explore the ethics of a Covid-19 vaccine that might use farmed cell-lines from aborted foetuses?

I looked through the CMF website at their Briefing paper When demand outstrips supply: A Christian view of the ethics of healthcare resource allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic: “The British ...
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Is using medication derived from tissue of aborted fetuses compatible with Catholic teaching?

Obviously no one should take any medical advice from StackExchange, but from a purely theological/canon-law perspective: What does Catholic teaching or canon law say about using medicine developed ...
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