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Questions tagged [matthew-henry]

A 17/18th century Protestant minister, best known for his commentary on the Bible

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Did John Wesley plagiarize Matthew Henry...?

I was consulting some commentaries on Exodus 4:24-26 and noticed that John Wesley's Notes on this passage appear to be taken, in some cases word for word, from Matthew Henry's commentary. Is there a ...
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Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Unfaithful Wife

In Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary on Numbers 5:11-31 (The Test of the Unfaithful Wife) there are several references to Luke 5:18-32 (Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man). How does the Old Testament test ...
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What "God's law" is Matthew Henry referring to?

Part of Matthew Henry's commentary on Exodus 22 says: A man's house is his castle, and God's law, as well as man's, sets a guard upon it; he that assaults it does so at his peril. What is he ...
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