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What is the official position of Christian denominations today about Wasting seed? [closed]

Human sperm are known to live for up to 74 days inside a man's body, after which they are reabsorbed by the body. This means that, if a man releases sperm in an ejaculation, the sperm would have been ...
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Why is masturbation a sin? (without human arguments, Pentecostalism) [duplicate]

My side: I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit , in Bible (solo), that it's possible to have deep experiences nowadays with God as Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Paul did by fasting and seeking souls, and ...
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Did St. Thomas Aquinas rate masturbation as a greater sin than rape? [duplicate]

St. Thomas Aquinas said: Objection 1. It would seem that the unnatural vice is not the greatest sin among the species of lust. For the more a sin is contrary to charity the graver it is. Now adultery,...
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Are there other explanations of ”right hand” than masturbation (Matthew 5:30)? [closed]

The context in Matthew 5:30 strongly suggests that Jesus is talking about adultery. Verse 21 starts with "You have heard", starting a section about respecting your neighbor. Again, Verse 27 starts ...
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Is masturbation worse than smoking (for the Catholic Church)?

This says: Smoking in moderation is not a sin at all (CCC 2290). The statement "Smoking in moderation is not a sin at all" can be found elsewhere like here and somewhere there. I have two ...
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Did Thomas Aquinas rate masturbation as a greater sin than rape?

It is sometimes said that St. Thomas Aquinas taught that rape is a lesser sin than masturbation. Is this actually the case? Here are two examples: [In Aquinas's view], Because sins against nature ...
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Was Onan really struck dead by God for masturbating?

Historically, Onan in Genesis 38 has been accused of masturbation, and for this supposed transgression was struck dead. The term Onanism (or in German Onanie) is still used to describe this practice. ...
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What is masturbation, according to the Catholic Catechism?

By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. CCC 2352 So does this mean I need to buy extra gold bond medicated powder to ...
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What is the biblical basis to claim that masturbation is a sin?

There's definitely two sides to this coin, some people say that masturbation is not a sin that leads to death, others say that it's a sin because Jesus commands us to deny the desires of our flesh. So ...'s user avatar