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Mass is the Catholic celebration of the Eucharist.

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Why is Ex 3:10 in the reading of the Third Sunday in Lent (Year C) in German and French lectionary?

The first reading of the Third Sunday in Lent in Year C (today) is Ex 3, 1-8a.13-15. The new (Advent 2018) German lectionary includes also verse 10. The French lectionary has the same. The old ...
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Is a mass interruption a standard procedure in case of a supposed Eucharistic miracle?

I have read several stories about Eucharistic miracles and it seems the mass is always interrupted on such event. Is it a standard procedure (as for 4th June 2018) or is it up to the priest? More ...
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Is it more Participatio Actuosa if the congregation hears the words of the Consecration?

I have a question on Participatio Actuosa. This is a term that makes a lot of people confused. Anyway, in the EF of the Roman rite the Priest says the words of the Consecration in silence. He is the ...
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