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Use this tag for questions about attitudes and doctrines regarding marriage. For questions relating specifically to same-sex marriage and polygamy, use the appropriate tags.

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Vatican documents on Pre-Cana?

My girlfriend and I are both Roman Catholics. I know that attending Pre-Cana (or pre-marriage counseling, as it is sometimes called) is a regular practice among Catholics. However I was wondering ...
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To what extent did the Chinese government force Catholic priests to marry?

In his book The Souls of China, Ian Johnson writes about a type of religious persecution that was inflicted on some groups in China during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76): Across the country, ...
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Are registers signed during a Convalidation ceremony

My husband is Roman Catholic and I m Pentecostal. We married under a lot of pressure with no family members present. After much strife our families have agreed We have been trying to book a notice of ...
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How to find the articles from the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of Synod of Bishops (Synod of the Family) and the votes on them?

Frédéric Martel in his book In the Closet of the Vatican has the following remarks on the Synod of the Family: In fact, a ‘liberal* majority emerged from the Synod, but the quorum required for the ...
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Proof of sacramental absolution required for marriage in France during the French Revolution?

Proof of sacramental absolution required for marriage in France during the French Revolution? I remember reading an ecclesiastical works of how the Catholic Church had suffered during the French ...
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What have old Christian writers opined about a couple living with in-laws during marriage?

I understand a question has been asked and was closed on this topic previously, but I wanted to more specifically ask about Christian writings on it, preferably early ones. Often people today use ...
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Conversion from Orthodox to Syro Malabar Syrian Catholics

I am a Syro Malabar Syrian Catholic working in Dubai from Gujarat (from Kerala). I am getting married to a Swiss Citizen (Malayali) who is born and brought up in Switzerland and is working in Dubai. ...
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According to the Greek Orthodox Church can one marry a Maronite Catholic?

Is a wedding between a Greek Orthodox to a Maronite Rite Catholic permitted and can the ceremony be performed in the Greek Orthodox Church?
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Will a Greek Orthodox priest in America marry a couple who haven't civilly registered the marriage?

A senior citizen couple I know were married in a Greek Orthodox church ceremony without ever obtaining a marriage license. The priest agreed to do this. Is this allowed by the Church? I know several ...
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What was the early church fathers view of interfaith marriage?

I am very opposed to interfaith marriage and believe interfaith marriage to be a fundamentally wrong view, but what was the Early Church Fathers view of interfaith marriage - ie a marriage between ...
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Looking for the Source of a Teaching on Sexual Ethics from Benedict XVI or JP2

Years ago, I recall being taught that Benedict XVI once said that it was licit for a husband to perform cunnilingus on his wife in order to help her climax if she did not during the ordinary process ...
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According to Eastern Orthodoxy, can "co-parents-in-law" marry?

Same question as here but for Eastern Orthodox. I don't see how a married couple's becoming step-siblings is any different from step-siblings' become a married couple. Suppose Alice and Bob are widows ...
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When did the early church start to require couples to be both baptized Christians before marriage?

This question is prompted by another question that brought up the validity of St. Monica's marriage to Patricius, a pagan. Assuming that Monica and Patricius were married in the church in Thasgate, ...
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Can I be in a relationship with my Godfather’s daughter?

I’m a male that is part of a Catholic family and I’m wondering if I can be in a relationship with my Godfather’s daughter. Me and my Godfather or anyone of his side of his side of his family are not ...
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