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Use for questions about the reasons that a Christian church or denomination is in accord with the intentions of Jesus Christ.

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Origin of the Reformed "Marks of the True Church"

In Reformed Theology, "the marks of a true church" are often delineated, to the effect of: Church discipline Teaching/preaching Administration of the sacraments (These are the marks often denoted in ...
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Marks of the true church in Protestantism or Catholicism? [duplicate]

Although this very related question about the marks of the true church in Reformed Theology has already been asked, my question is whether other Protestant traditions or Catholicism have an equivalent ...
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What are the different "Marks of the Church" of Christian denominations?

In the Catholic Church, the "Marks of the Church" are what's in the Nicene creed. That she is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. I've seen that the Westminster Catechism has different marks spelled ...
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What do the Eastern Orthodox say about the 4 Marks from the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed?

In his response to the joint Catholic-Orthodox declaration, Metropolitan Philaret of the ROCOR states that union with Rome is only possible if "they accept the Orthodox Faith as it is maintained ...
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