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What evidence is there that the Jews thought leprosy was due to sin?

Some Jews seemed to think that lepersy was a punishment for sin, rather than a sin itself. This is most probably going to sound like a stupid question either because there is a specific verse or ...
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How did the man with leprosy come into the city?

Anyone with leprosy should stay outside the city until he is clean. Leviticus 13:46 He is to live by himself in a home outside the encampment. With reference with below verses, we see Jesus ...
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What did Jesus do regarding the Jews believing that some diseases were sometimes due to sin?

In relation to these two questions: What evidence is there that the Jews thought leprosy was due to sin? What does it mean to say that mental illness is a modern-day leprosy? Obviously, Jesus didn'...
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Is holiness next to uncleanliness in Leviticus? (Leprosy vs Menstruation)

I was at a conference today and got to hear the pretty awesome Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. He was explaining something I'd never heard before, and I'm probably butchering it, that holiness makes you ...
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Why did God allowed Herod to slay so many newborns? [duplicate]

Why didn't God strike Herod with Leprosy before he could to any harm to the newborns? He could prevent the death of many newborns and Joseph wouldn't have been forced to run to Egypt with Mary and ...
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