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A fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible by Jerome

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How did Augustine of Hippo feel about Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible (the Vulgate)?

Augustine and Jerome wrote several epistles to one another. In these epistles, how did Augustine feel about Jerome producing the Latin Vulgate? What were his concerns?
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Did Jerome’s doctrine of Mariology affect his translation?

In a recent Q&A on Hermeneutics.SE, I made an arguement that carried the implication that Jerome's translation of κεχαριτωμένη ('favored one’)† as gratia plena ('full of grace’)† in Luke 1:28 was ...
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How is the Vulgate rendering of Romans 5:12 explained (Roman Catholic perspective)?

The Greek text (Textus Receptus) of Romans 5:12 reads: δια τουτο ωσπερ δι ενος ανθρωπου η αμαρτια εις τον κοσμον εισηλθεν και δια της αμαρτιας ο θανατος και ουτως εις παντας ανθρωπους ο θανατος ...
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Does the English translation of the Catholic Catechism incorrectly list 'generosity' as a fruit of the Holy Spirit?

I want to check the conclusion I arrived at answering this related question. The English translation of the CCC lists the fruits of the Holy Spirit as (1832) "charity, joy, peace, patience, ...
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How does the Catechism translate "longanimitas"?

In the Vulgate, one of the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit is "longanimitas" (Gal 5:22-23), which is often translated into English as "longanimity" or "long-suffering." ...
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