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What did Jesus actually get up to in America (according to Mormons)?

I'm wondering where I should flick to in my LDS quad in order to learn about what Jesus supposedly got up to when he visited America. Could someone provide an outline of his interactions on the ...
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Does the Catholic Church perform non-civil marriages in the Dominican Republic?

In 2013, as many as 200,000 people born in the Dominican Republic were stripped of their citizenship, due to their Haitian ancestry. Most of these people were thus rendered "stateless," making ...
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Why is Eben Ezer used as a shop's name in Chile? [duplicate]

I'm Chilean and I want to know the meaning and origin of the name Eben Ezer because in my country is a custom to put that name to trade places, specially small grocery stores. I have consulted many ...
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What is the state of Christianity among the Huaorani people today?

In January of 1956, several American missionaries (Jim Elliot and Nate Saint being the best known) attempted to reach a remote tribe in Ecuador in an endeavor that has become known as Operation Auca. ...
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What is the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God?

What is an overview of the practices, doctrines, and goals of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God that distinguish it from other Evangelical and Pentecostal groups active in Latin America?
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