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For questions pertaining to the country known as Korea.

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3 answers

Why is Christianity so popular in (South) Korea?

So, in my world travels with missionaries, it seems like a missionary, if he/she doesn't come from North America, is next most likely to come from Korea*. In seminary, the proportion of Anglos & ...
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Why did the Presbyterian Church of Korea split in 1959?

The number of Presbyterian denominations in Korea is breathtaking: Wikipedia lists dozens of them. From what I can tell, most of these denominations originate in the Presbyterian Church of Korea, ...
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5 votes
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Have any Protestant leaders in Korea expressly supported the destruction of Buddhist statues?

In its discussion of inter-religion relations in South Korea, Wikipedia states: Buddhist statues have been considered as idols, attacked and decapitated. [...] Such acts, which are supported by ...
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In Korean Protestantism, what is the position of Kwonsa?

In the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), a conservative Presbyterian denomination, there is a sizable contingent of Korean-Americans – they make up 12% of the denomination's members and have 212 ...
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