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Questions tagged [korea]

For questions pertaining to the country known as Korea.

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3 answers

Why is Christianity so popular in (South) Korea?

So, in my world travels with missionaries, it seems like a missionary, if he/she doesn't come from North America, is next most likely to come from Korea*. In seminary, the proportion of Anglos & ...
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Why did the Presbyterian Church of Korea split in 1959?

The number of Presbyterian denominations in Korea is breathtaking: Wikipedia lists dozens of them. From what I can tell, most of these denominations originate in the Presbyterian Church of Korea, ...
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5 votes
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Have any Protestant leaders in Korea expressly supported the destruction of Buddhist statues?

In its discussion of inter-religion relations in South Korea, Wikipedia states: Buddhist statues have been considered as idols, attacked and decapitated. [...] Such acts, which are supported by ...
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In Korean Protestantism, what is the position of Kwonsa?

In the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), a conservative Presbyterian denomination, there is a sizable contingent of Korean-Americans – they make up 12% of the denomination's members and have 212 ...
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What are the receptions of Olivet Assembly in these countries?

What are the receptions and reputations of Olivet Assembly in these countries? US South Korea China (Is it also called Young Disciples of Jesus (耶稣青年会)?) From limited search results, it looks like ...
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