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KJV-onlyism is the belief that the KJV translation is the only true or only acceptable English Bible translation

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Did the experts and authorities behind the King James Version believe that their work was divine, inspired and inerrant?

As you know, there are Baptist and Protestant sects throughout the English-speaking world that believe that the King James Version is the best - or only - completely trustworthy theological resource. ...
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Why do people think they need anything other than the KJV Bible?

I cannot understand why people think they need another version of the Bible besides the King James Version.
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What rationale do KJV-1611-Only give for not recognizing the apocryphal books of that version?

For the first 274 years of the KJV (including most notably the 1611 version) the KJV included the apocryphal books. So if the 1611 version is inspired why don't the Protestant KJV-1611-Only crowd ...
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Did Jesus or any of the New Testament authors ever quote a textual variant?

Among many (good) arguments against KJV-onlyism, I have heard the following argument: The idea that “preservation” requires us to have 100% accurate knowledge of the original words of scripture is ...
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Which Latin manuscripts were used by the KJV translators?

When the KJV translators set out to do their translation, they gathered all existing manuscripts and translations they could, to make sure they had everything absolutely right. I am curious, which ...
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Good Urdu Translations of the Bible from the Masoretic and one of the Textus Receptuses, or just either?

I am looking for urdu translations that are reasonably close to the reconstructions of the Hebrew Masoretic text and/or Greek Textus Receptus, being a literal translation. Like how despite the KJV ...
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Is there a "Reina-Valera" only movement?

I'm aware of the King James (KJV) only movement, but is there also a similar movement for the Spanish Reina-Valera (RVR) bible? My father, who is Puerto Rican, told me that RVR-onlyers were a thing.
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Where did the idea of the inerrancy of the King James Bible come from?

Many Christians believe that the King James Bible is the only correct translation of the word of God. And they say that all other versions of the Bible are not inerrant. What is the historical origin ...
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What arguments do KJV-only proponents give to support that the 1611 translation is better than say, Greek language Bibles?

I have an interlinear Bible, called the Apostolic Bible Polyglot, that presents the New Testament (along with the Old Testament, from the Septuagint) in Greek and English. Of the Complutensian ...
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How does King James-only-ism apply to other languages?

How does King-James-only-ism apply to other languages? As far as I know, the King-James is an English specific bible, and the King-James-Only standard is an English specific subject, which if I am ...
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Where does the idea come from that the KJV is the proper bible to be used? [duplicate]

I have heard (mostly from the older generations) that the KJV is the only bible to be used, and all the other ones are changing the bible. Where does this idea come from? Is it a churches teaching or ...
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Why is the KJV frequently said to be the "true" translation?

This question actually centers on the KJV translation itself. It's not hard to find a church in America (particularly in the south) where they believe that the KJV is the one true translation and that ...
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Counterarguments to "KJV-only"?

Some people believe the King James Version of the Bible is the only version English-speakers should be using, as it is the only inspired translation. (This is referred to as "KJV-onlyism.") ...
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What is the King James only movement?

I'm a non-native English speaker living in Europe myself, so I honestly couldn't read the KJV as my primary Bible and all I know about its popularity in the USA is hearsay. I'd like to know more about ...
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