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KJV-onlyism is the belief that the KJV translation is the only true or only acceptable English Bible translation

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Why is the KJV frequently said to be the "true" translation?

This question actually centers on the KJV translation itself. It's not hard to find a church in America (particularly in the south) where they believe that the KJV is the one true translation and that ...
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What is the King James only movement?

I'm a non-native English speaker living in Europe myself, so I honestly couldn't read the KJV as my primary Bible and all I know about its popularity in the USA is hearsay. I'd like to know more about ...
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Counterarguments to "KJV-only"?

Some people believe the King James Version of the Bible is the only version English-speakers should be using, as it is the only inspired translation. (This is referred to as "KJV-onlyism.") ...
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Is there a "Reina-Valera" only movement?

I'm aware of the King James (KJV) only movement, but is there also a similar movement for the Spanish Reina-Valera (RVR) bible? My father, who is Puerto Rican, told me that RVR-onlyers were a thing.
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Did Jesus or any of the New Testament authors ever quote a textual variant?

Among many (good) arguments against KJV-onlyism, I have heard the following argument: The idea that “preservation” requires us to have 100% accurate knowledge of the original words of scripture is ...
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Why do people think they need anything other than the KJV Bible?

I cannot understand why people think they need another version of the Bible besides the King James Version.
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