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Also called St. Justin, a second century Christian apologist primarily known for his theories on Logos

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Did Justin Martyr believe Jesus was a "second God"?

In Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho Chapter 56: Justin: I shall attempt to persuade you, since you have understood the Scriptures, [of the truth] of what I say, that there is, and that there is ...
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What was meant by the charge: "the upsetting of the lamp"?

In Justin Martyr's First Apology Chapter 26, we read: And whether they perpetrate those fabulous and shameful deeds — the upsetting of the lamp, and promiscuous intercourse, and eating human flesh — ...
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Which prophecies does Justin Martyr claim predict Jesus' Advent? Please identify them

In his First Apology Justin Martyr writes: We find it also predicted that certain persons should be sent by Him into every nation to publish these things, and that rather among the Gentiles [than ...
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What is the Adventist response to Justin Martyr?

Justin Martyr described Christians worshiping on Sunday twice in his first apology. And on the day called Sunday, all who live in cities or in the country gather together to one place But Sunday is ...
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Why does Justin Martyr say that those who are unworthy of seeing God will become imprisoned in animal bodies?

In Dialogue with Trypho, an early Christian text, Justin Martyr and a Jew named Trypho discuss the nature of the soul and its interaction with God. After talking a bit about if animals could see God ...
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When was the early Christian apology "Dialogue with Trypho" written?

I recently became aware of the Dialogue with Trypho, a Christian apology regarding Jesus being the Messiah, written by Justin Martyr sometime during his lifetime (in the years 100–165). However, ...
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Did Justin Martyr and Marcion of Sinope have any contact with one another?

I'm interested to discover if there is any evidence that Justin Martyr and Marcion of Sinope had any direct or indirect contact before Marcion left the Church. I suspect that they may have had ...
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Why did Justin Martyr speak so harshly about Christians who ate meat sacrificed to idols?

In his Dialogue with Trypho, Chapter XXXV, Justin replies to Trypho's charge that Christians eat meat sacrificed to idols by saying that such people serve to show more distinctly who are the true ...
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Did Justin Martyr have a personal interaction with Jesus Christ?

Justin narrates the manner of his conversion to Trypho the Jew. In Chapter III of his Dialogue with Trypho, he writes, "And while I was thus disposed, when I wished at one period to be filled with ...
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