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referring to the process or moment in which an individual's sins are forgiven - distinct from sanctification, in that the latter refers to the process or moment in which a person is made fit for standing in front of a holy God

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If justification is an event, when does it happen?

Lutherans, Methodists, and Calvinists believe that justification is an event (as opposed to the Roman Catholic church and the Orthodox church who believe it is a process). If justification is an event,...
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How do Christians justify their belief and how do they convince others of their belief? [closed]

First of all, I assume that everybody should have some sort of justification for his beliefs. Secondly, I assume that Christians are interested in convincing others to join them as evangelisation ...
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How do Roman Catholics understand salvation in light of Romans 3&4?

As far as I can understand it, Paul directly contradicts the Roman Catholic doctrine of salvation in Romans 3 & 4 (see verses 3:21-22, 3:28, 4:4-6 in particular, but I'm referring to the broad ...
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What is the difference between justification and sanctification?

Christians use the terms justification and sanctification a lot, but it's not always clear where one concept leaves off and the other picks up. What do Protestants generally say is the difference ...
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What is the verdict on an unjust judge? [closed]

In order to ask this, let me set a stage. This is just a scenario that will be recast in a second. As Christians we believe that God is good. We trumpet his justice, rightness, holiness, and so on ...
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