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Questions tagged [jubilee]

A special year of celebration where sins and debts are forgiven. In Old Testament times, a jubilee occurred after the end of a 7-fold cycle of 7-years (i.e. once every 50 years).

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What is a year dedicated to a certain saint or something else?

What is a year dedicated to a certain saint or something else? Is it important? Does it require anything in particular of Catholics?
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Using the Hebrew calendar is there a way to determine when the seventy seven's starts and ends? [closed]

Using the Hebrew calendar is there a way to determine the start and end of the seventy seven's. Will it end on a jubilee year, and how will that date translate to our current calendar, for example ...
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What is "jubilee(s)"?

My Mother in her 90s and in treatment for Alzheimers would frequently go into a state of trance and chant about going to jubilee. Does "jubilee" or "going to jubilee" refer to heaven or eternity in ...
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What year did the Hebrew nation with Joshua cross the Jordan river into the promised land?

In terms of our current and modern dating system, what year did Joshua and the Hebrew nation cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan? Also, based on this what year would the first Jubilee year have ...
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Samaritans, the Jubilee and Jesus

In the Wikipedia page about Jubilee, an anonymous writer added the following text: "Jesus declared a Yovel by referencing Isaiah in 27 A.D., i.e. the 1666 year of entry into Canaan and the 34th 49 ...
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Do Messianic Jews practice the jubliee?

There is a a range of opinion of different denominations on how far Mosaic law should be practiced. Messianic Judaism stands very much at the "one law" end of the scale. However, I am wondering how ...
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Please explain how the Israelites were supposed to keep the Sabbath year [closed]

Leviticus chapter 25 describes a "Sabbath year" for the land. Every seventh year the Israelites were not supposed to prune their vines nor plow or plant their fields. Lev 25:3-7 (NET) (Lev 25:3) ...
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Was that Pentecost in the Acts also a time of the year of jubilee?

Was that Pentecost, during which the Holy Spirit was poured out on the apostles in the book of Acts was also a time of jubilee? From what I see, the Pentecost was a holiday to commemorate God's giving ...
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