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An 8th century Syrian monk and priest

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How Many Fathers of the Catholic Church are There; and Where to Find a Reliable List?

Does anyone know for sure how many Church Fathers have been so declared by the Catholic Church (assuming that the last one is St. John Damascene); and where I may find a reliable list of them? Thank ...
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On the End of the Patristic Era as Considered by the Catholic Church

Does the Catholic Church officially consider the end of the Patristic era to have occurred with the death of St. John Damascene in the eighth century? I have read that some consider St. Bernard of ...
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What were John Calvin's arguments against John of Damascus on Icons?

What were John Calvin's counterarguments for iconoclasm aniconism against John of Damascus' arguments in favor of icon veneration?
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How did St John of Damascus view Islam?

John of Damascus was one of the first Christian authors to write about the rise of Islam shortly after the time of Muhammad. I am fascinated by this man but I can't seem to find enough info about this ...
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According to Roman Catholic doctrine, does the incorruptible body possess blood?

In my translation of a work by John of Damascus entitled Περὶ τοῦ ἀχράντου σώματος, οὗ μεταλαμβάνομεν, it is my understanding that John wrote, Even as his body prior to the resurrection of the dead ...
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Does God predetermine all things according to His prescience?

In "An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith" (ἔκδοσις ἀκριβὴς τῆς ὀρθοδόξου πίστεως) John of Damascus wrote, Χρὴ γινώσκειν, ὡς πάντα μὲν προγινώσκει ὁ θεός, οὐ πάντα δὲ προορίζει· προγινώσκει γὰρ ...
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