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City located between the Mediterranean and Dead Seas, one of the oldest in the world

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What was the size of the crowd outside the Praetorium when Jesus and Barabbas were offered to be released?

What was the size of the crowd outside the Praetorium when Jesus and Barabbas were offered to be released at the Passover feast? Are there any historical accounts as to the size of the crowd?
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According to major Reformed theologians, what is the Christian fulfillment of the Songs of Ascent (Ps 120-134)?

According to major Reformed theologians, what is the Christian fulfillment of the Songs of Ascent (Ps 120-134)? I'm particularly interested in what a Reformed theologian determines to be the Christian ...
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Which mountain is the "Prophet Mountain" Anne Catherine Emmerich mentions in her writings?

In writing down her visions of the Creation and Fall of Man and of all Biblical events, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich mentions a Prophet Mountain from where she has seen Paradise, she writes. Is ...
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Information on how the early Christians prepared and/or fled from the destruction of Jerusalem?

Does anyone have any information regarding how the early Christians prepared or handled the destruction of Jerusalem? Such as how long before hand they fled and what did they take and where did they ...'s user avatar
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How does the existence of the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary fit with the Assumption of Mary?

One site that tourists can visit in Jerusalem is the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. But Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians believe in the Assumption of Mary (that she was taken body and soul ...
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Which prophets died outside Jerusalem?

Jesus said that no prophet can die outside Jerusalem (Luke 13:33). Did any prophets die outside Jerusalem? If so, which ones?
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What was the difference between Jerusalem's honorary primacy and the primacy of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch?

In Church History in Plain Language, 144, Bruce Shelley writes about the "primacy" that certain bishops enjoyed in the early church: The Council of Nicaea recognized the bishops of Alexandria, ...
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Why did Jason attack Jerusalem?

In 2 Maccabees 5:5, Jason attacks Jerusalem. Why does he do this? There is a false rumor that Antiochus has died, but Antiochus was attacking Egypt. In 2 Maccabees 4, it says he becomes high priest ...
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Were there any female priests in the temple?

Were there any female priests in the temple in Jerusalem at any time?
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Is it likely that Christianity was born from Judaism? [closed]

The History timeline of Jerusalem states that the first monotheism in Jerusalem was Judaism, then Christianity followed. So it's likely that Christianity evolved from Judaism. Did Jesus Christ take ...
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In Jerusalem around 600BC, who was Laban?

The Book of Mormon speaks of an influential person in Jerusalem named Laban who was the keeper of the record of the Jews, and had power to command at least 50 men (see 1 Nephi 3:31). "Laban hath ...
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Is there any historical evidence that would indicate where exactly the ark of the covenant is now located?

The Ark of the Covenant was presumably located in the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. when Titus conquered the city and destroyed the Temple. Is there any historical indication ...
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What is the controversy/issue surrounding Jerusalem as Israel's capital? [closed]

I was reading this article where representatives at the 2012 Democratic National Convention booed in disagreement over a platform position regarding Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I'm not ...
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Does the Dome of the Rock have any importance to Christianity?

The Dome of the Rock is right beside Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Israel. Is it considered a sacred place in Christianity? If so, in what way?
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The "eye of the needle gate" today

There is a great set of answers that covers some of my question regarding the interpretation of this passage over on the Biblical Hermeneutics site, but it didn't answer all of my questions. Today I ...
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