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Question regarding the name of the Father

I currently came across some question regarding the name of the Father in the Trinity, God the creator. I have seen that a lot of people use the tetragrammaton YHWH especially in the case of Judaism, ...
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According to Jehovah's Witnesses, why does the word Jehovah not get inserted into the Bible until Genesis 2:4?

I was reading the NWT translation just a few moments ago and I notice that throughout all of Genesis chapter 1, God is specifically used 32 times (there are 31 verses in Genesis 1). We do not see the ...
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Why did the KJV translators translate יהוה on the extremely rare occasion as IEHOVAH rather than LORD?

The KJV translators almost always translated the Tetragrammaton into English as "LORD" (all capital letters). For example, in Deut. 6:4: But, on the rare occasion—extremely rare—they chose instead ...
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