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Unknown book mentioned in Joshua and 2nd Samuel.

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Do references to the book of Jasher in the Bible prove that the book of Joshua was written after the death of Saul?

The book of Joshua references the book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13), as does 2 Samuel 1:18. However, the quote from the book of Jasher in 2 Samuel 1:23 references both Saul and Jonathan, both of whom ...
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Who was Jasher, the author of a book referenced in the bible?

Who was Jasher? Are there any historical references Jasher other than Author of a book referred in the bible?
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The book of Jasher [duplicate]

Have any transcripts been discovered? Who wrote this book? The book is mentioned in Joshua and was apparently an important book during their days. What happened to the book?
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Modern Book of Jasher - Genuine?

I've been reading the book of Jasher (supposedly the one quoted in the book of Samuel) and its quite amazing. But I ask - what is the proof or lack of proof on it's authenticity? There are however a ...
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