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a (self-proclaimedly) scientific framework for deciding if something is probably designed or has otherwise come into being

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Do Christian proponents of Intelligent Design hold it to be a scientific position, and if not, do they see this lack of scientific rigor as an issue?

I would like to hear the Christian perspective on a question I asked on Philosophy SE. Intelligent Design (ID) proposes that certain features of the natural world are best explained by an intelligent ...
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Have any prominent Christian Intelligent Design proponents discussed the issue of a potential infinite regress of intelligent designers?

We can arrive at an infinite regress of designers as follows: Suppose that X is so complex that it's considered to show evidence of design. Accordingly, we infer that an intelligent designer must be ...
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According to proponents of creationism and intelligent design, are we clueless about the origin of life? James Tour vs. Dave Farina

Dr. James Tour recently uploaded a video titled Dr. James Tour vs Dave Farina | Are we clueless about the origin of life? #abiogenesis. The description in the video says: Join us for an exciting ...
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How do proponents of the Fine Tuning argument for God, refute the puddle comparison?

The fine tuning argument essentially states that there is so much about the universe that is "fine tuned" for life - eg things like the gravitational constant would cause the universe to ...
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Is suffering a proof against intelligent design? [closed]

An atheist has argued with me that suffering is going against "intelligent design" in humans and animals. He would agree that pain is vital for our nature to indicate when something is wrong,...
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How do creationists address the similarity between Irreducible Complexity and God Of The Gaps?

"God Of The Gaps" refers to using holes in our understanding of the universe as an argument for God. It is rejected by modern creationists, as it is by Christians generally. However, the ...
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What is specified complexity?

I've read several summaries of William Dembski's concept of specified complexity, including one by Dembski himself, and I've got to confess I have no idea what he is talking about. Is it an attempt ...
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Why does Intelligent Design reject evolution, even intelligently designed and executed evolution? [closed]

Intelligent Design is a current brand of natural philosophy that at its simplest holds that the Universe (ie, everything) has been designed intelligently. It opposes ideas like a spontaneous beginning ...
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Intelligent design - Creationism by a different name? [closed]

I've heard that many believe that intelligent design is creationism by a different name. However, if my understanding of intelligent design is correct, it does not deny the the big bang or evolution ...
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