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Is partaking of the Holy Eucharist the key to incorruptibility of the saints?

The Incorruptibles by Joan Caroll Cruz has many stories about incorruptible saints. These saints with incorruptible bodies are Catholic, and I never heard any Protestant, other non-Catholic ...
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Why is incorruptibility of saints' relics used as proof of their sanctity?

Why is the notion of incorruptibility advanced by some Catholics and some Orthodox when determining the corruptibility or incorruptibility of a saint's relics has never been a part of the ...
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What explanation did the Catholic Church give regarding the incorruptible bodies? [closed]

We all have heard about the incorruptible bodies within the Catholic Church tradition. Was there any scientific explanation given to the Roman Catholic Church or did the Church give a scientific ...
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Does the incorrupted body of St. Cecilia still exist?

I have searched many sites to find evidence of the incorrupted body of St. Cecilia. But I have failed to find any evidence of the real body, only statues of the saint. Can anyone help to find out real ...
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How do Protestants explain the incorruptibility of Catholic and Orthodox saints?

As far as I know, there is a vast body of evidence of incorruptibility of some saints in Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Here is a picture of the incorruptible relic of St. Aleksandr Svirskij from ...
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