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For questions about the creation of or nature of an official license by the Roman Catholic Church to print an ecclesiastical or religious book.

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On Bible Translations That Catholics are Permitted to Read

I have started to read "Introduction to the Bible" by Fr. John Laux, M.A.. The following is extracted from pg. 20: The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore (1884) says in its Pastoral Letter: ...
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Can This be a Valid Catholic Imprimatur?

Recently, I came across a book published in 2012 which indicates an "Imprimatur" (i.e., permission to print) from Reverend Joseph R. Binzer, Auxiliary Archbishop, Archdiocese of Cincinnati. ...
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On the Papal Approbation of Gregory XVI Regarding the Writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori

I have extracted the following from (Papal approval) ``No ecclesiastical writer has ever received more direct, positive and formal ...
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According to Catholicism, can an imprimatur be revoked?

According to Catholicism, can an imprimatur be revoked? If so under what conditions are necessary to merit such a decision, if any.
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According to Catholicism, what is an imprimatur?

What is the scope of an imprimatur? What does a work having an imprimatur mean for that work? What does it mean for the body of doctrine itself?
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Has the US Catholic Church given an imprimatur to any English Bible translations intended for children?

There are several Bible translations that have an imprimatur in the Catholic Church, such as the New Jerusalem Bible. This Wikipedia article lists other translations with an imprimatur, but as best I ...