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Is penal substitution consistent with divine simplicity?

How do Protestants explain penal substitution being consistent and compatible with divine simplicity given the following discussion? For most of Church history, most Christians have believed that in ...
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Is voluntary passibility consistent with an essentially impassible God?

The majority of Christian theologians have held that God is 'impassible' where impassibility means God's inability to be changed/affected by creatures, particularly in reference to his emotional life. ...
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How does Reformed Theology consider passages that may imply that God is the "subject of sufferings"?

In A Dissertation Concerning the End for which God Created the World, John Edwards makes the following statement, Because it is evident, by both Scripture and reason, that God is infinitely, ...
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God's emotions in contrast to his transcendence? (Catholic position)

We read about God's emotions, e.g., anger in Exodus 4:14 or in Exodus 22:23. Does it mean that God's behavior is influenced by those emotions? How is it compatible with his transcendence, i.e., is ...