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For questions relating to the social justification that permitted the destruction of sacred images as was historically known as iconoclasm.

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Early Church on image veneration?

Is there any archeological or written evidence for image veneration in the first few centuries especially in the ante Nicene period outside the Rome? Related - What was the ante-Nicene Fathers' ...
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Why did Luther not support iconoclasm like some other reformers?

During the Reformation, Protestant reformers such as Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin promoted Iconoclasm among their followers. I have found information about Luther opposing it, but little about why....
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What do churches that prohibit the use of icons think an idol is?

In the Orthodox and the Catholic Church icons and statues are permitted, and members of those churches look at such in much the same way they look at photographs of loved ones. We also talk to people ...
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Do any Protestant Sects object to the existence of angels?

I'm kind of more-or-less asking this because CHRISTIANITY.SE IS GOING TO GET A REAL HAIRCUT soon, but I was thinking about Christian symbols and Jewish symbols and symbols that everyone agrees one and ...
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