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Do any Christian traditions permit suicide to avoid being dishonored (raped)?

Do any Christian traditions allow suicide for women at the point of being dishonored (raped) by rampaging armies or thugs during war or persecutions against Christians? This tough subject includes ...
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Defending your honor against a superior who accuses you falsely

Does the Bible say that an individual has an obligation to defend themselves in court (or in the court of public opinion) against an individual who you believe has some authority over you (like a wife ...
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8 votes
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What does one do when morality and honor conflicts with solidarity?

Ideally, one would both be able to be honorable (i.e. to do the right thing especially with regard to others) and be in solidarity with relatives and friends (i.e. to support them, especially when ...
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Is it appropriate to capitalize pronouns referring to Jesus Christ? [closed]

Somewhere along the line I picked up the habit of capitalizing He, His, Him, etc. when they are referring to Jesus Christ as a form of respect. Likewise I always capitalize Christ, which is the title ...
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