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For questions relating to the subject of water which has been formerly blessed by a minister.

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Are things commonly blessed by priests at certain times of the year appropriate to bring to a priest for a special blessing?

Is it appropriate to ask priests to bless things like oil, salt and water that you bring to them for a blessing? I was reading this answer and was wondering if it made sense for a layperson to bring ...
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Would frozen holy water still retain its blessing?

Say that a person had a container with holy water and the water within it froze. Would that frozen holy water still retain its blessing and be efficacious in protecting against evil, be able to be ...
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How much can holy water be diluted?

My question is kind of similar to this one, but more specific. There's a lot of conflicting information on the internet regarding diluting the holy water. Some people suggest that the water must be ...
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What is Holy Water in Catholicism?

I noticed that Catholics dip their fingers in Holy Water kept mostly at the entrance to the Church and apply it on their forehead. What is Holy Water? Is there any specific liquid/water for it? ...
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