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5 answers

Is there a basis for Christian holidays in the Bible? [closed]

I was just curious if holiday celebrations like Christmas and Easter were written in the Bible, not merely mentioned but specifically indicating that people should celebrate them. It seems to me that ...
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Does Christianity allow Christians to celebrate other holidays? [closed]

A quick search on Google will come up with several Christian holidays including: Valentine's Day Good Friday Thanksgiving Christmas However, in many multi-cultural countries, there are often ...
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Are birthday celebrations ungodly? [closed]

Friday the 20th was my birthday and as usual, I'll just have a quiet time thanking God for my life. I don't fellowship with JWs anymore but my conscience will not allow me as to why at all I should ...
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What is World Youth Day?

A recent question mentions World Youth Day. Wikipedia says that it's an event for young people organized by the Catholic Church. That isn't very helpful, since there are a lot of different types of ...
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What did "Teaching of the Twelve Apostles" say about the Epiphany?

I was reading the "Teaching of the Twelve Apostles" to answer another question on this site and chanced upon a strange tidbit that I don't understand the meaning of: The apostles further ...
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Google calendar for catholic holdiays/holy days of obligation?

The one I've been subscribing to for almost 2 years is this one en-gb.christian#[email protected] This can be accessed here or here I guess (re region: I have not seen any ...
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Which regional rules of lent fasting or holy days of obligation should a Catholic follow?

If I'm Catholic Argentinian by birth and citizenship and reside in Argentina, then the only thing to check is if I'm Eastern Catholic or Roman Catholic. If I'm Roman Catholic, French in nationality ...
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