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Questions tagged [historical-criticism]

For questions related to the process of discovering the original meaning of a biblical text in its original historical context.

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Did Cain really exist? [closed]

Since some biblical characters, like Kings David and Solomon did exist, but others didn't ( I am assuming that Noah didn't,for instance, although some people think he really lived a lot of years ago) ...
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What could account for this 1990 radical change in belief about the German school of Higher Criticism (that began around 1860)?

This development in German universities in the 1800s is not to be confused with today’s “Critical Theory” (just in case anyone reading the 1990 quote below thinks they are akin.) This question deals ...
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What is the basis for the Jesus Seminar's search for the "Historical Jesus" movement?

"The Jesus Seminar was a group of about 50 critical biblical scholars and 100 laymen founded in 1985 by Robert Funk that originated under the auspices of the Westar Institute. The seminar was ...
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How can the gospels use omniscient narration?

I've come across some criticism of the gospels as historical accounts based on the author’s ability to know certain events that seem unknowable, or at least hard to know, like the quote below: Mark’s ...
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Did scholars doubt Belshazzar's existence before 1854?

I was doing some research on people's views on King Belshazzar mentioned in Daniel 5. All the Christian apologists who defend the book of Daniel mention that his existence was disbelieved among the ...
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According to evangelicals, does the use of historical criticism violate the doctrine of inerrancy?

Evangelicals believe that the canonized Scripture is the authoritative and inerrant word of God communicated to the ancient authors under divine inspiration. The 1978-1982 Chicago statement of ...
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What is the basis for a mythical reading of Genesis 1-2?

I have seen many times the claim that Genesis 1-2 is intended by the author(s) to be taken as a myth, that ancient people took it as a myth, etc. Now, maybe I'm just weird, but I don't see this from ...
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Was Peter poor and uneducated before he met Jesus?

Peter is sometimes depicted as a poor uneducated fisherman before he met Jesus (I am referring to quite a few homilies I have heard in different churches). Do we know what languages he spoke? Did he ...
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According to Catholicism which parts of the Bible actually happened historically?

One of the things that have tested my faith is the question: Did the bible really happen? Was there really a "garden of Eden"? Was there a universal flood" And perhaps more importantly, how important ...
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Is There Any Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus like some papers or something? [duplicate]

Is there any historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus like some papers or something or from some sources that are not from the bible . I am asking this because an atheist said to me ...
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What is the Bible's oldest Messianic prophecy?

Some Messianic prophecies occur near the beginning of the Bible, such as Deuteronomy 18:15 (or even Genesis 3:15). What I want to understand is which Messianic prophecy do scholars believe was ...
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What prominent scholars and/or denominations hold to Matthean priority?

This question discusses the differences between Marcan priority and Matthean priority and asks about the arguments in favor of Matthean priority. My question is who holds and promotes this view. I ...
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The time of Abraham

Wikipedia says that the story of Abraham is fictional, an ex-post construction: The Abraham story cannot be definitively related to any specific time, and it is widely agreed that the patriarchal ...
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Why does the Catholic Church hold Mary's virginity and the absence of brothers against the historians?

Jesus does not have a brother in the catholic tradition, his mother Mary is a perpetual virgin, which can hardly be compatible with having several children. Yet in his epistle to the Galatians (1, 19)...
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Historical figures mentioned in the Bible that sceptics doubted existed but were later confirmed by archaeology

In the past I've read about skeptics thinking that certain figures that the Bible lists as having historically existed didn't actually exist, but then later archaeology confirmed that they did. Does ...
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Is Any New Testament Book Undisputed In Its Authorship?

It seems as though every time I turn around, I find that "the majority of scholars" doubt this person wrote this gospel or letter. It seems as though no book of the NT is immune to this doubting and ...
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How common were blasphemy accusations and trials among the Jews during the time of Jesus?

I am curious if any critical scholarly work has attempted to study the frequency with which blasphemy accusations occurred within the Jewish community at the time of Jesus, and if possible, how many ...
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Among modern critics who believe in the attributed authorship of the Gospels, what are their arguments?

According to the many online lectures by biblical scholars, not to mention entries in Wikipedia and other online sites, whether the experts are on either the liberal side or the conservative side of ...
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Is Asia in the Bible the Asia of today?

I have this sneaking suspicion that the Asia listed in Acts is not the continent of Asia. Acts 19:9-10 ESV But when some became stubborn and continued in unbelief, speaking evil of the Way before the ...
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How does Christianity deal with biblical criticism related to the Old Testament?

As an orthodox Jew I have seen quite a stir lately regarding the topic of biblical criticism, specifically towards the Old Testament (Torah). I have perused several questions in this stack which ...
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What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints view of historical-critical methods?

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints view of historical-critical methods? The method calls for understanding the world behind the ancient text, accepting that the text has human ...
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How many New Testament manuscripts do we really have?

How does the Bible size up with other books from the ancient world? Is it really true that the New and Old Testament is the book from the ancient world that has the largest amounmt of extant ...
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Would the bible draw parallels between the spies returning from Canaan and modern biblical criticism?

When the spies returned from Canaan, to verify the kind of land God was going to gives them, all but two said, among other problems, that there was 'big strong men' there. Therefore, if they tried to ...
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