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For questions relating to historical Church customs, traditions or folk culture within a particular Church.

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Is there a particular order in lighting candles on an advent wreath?

In the Catholic tradition, is there a particular order in lighting the candles on an Advent Wreath? If there is, why? Which candle is lit first, and what order follows to the last candle? Where is ...
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Is there a special significance attached to a Latin Mass?

Every so often, one of my Catholic acquaintances will mention that they will be, or have just attended a Latin Mass. I know pretty much nothing about a Latin Mass, other than (obviously) that it's ...
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Where did the Young Earth Creationist doctrine originate?

I heard the other day that the literalist interpretation of biblical creation (A literal 7 day creation of the universe) isn't the classical historical interpretation that past Christians held. I was ...
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Does any church follow the Apostolic Tradition of Baptism ‘in the nude’, or was that never the tradition?

The Apostolic Tradition was the work of Hippolytus, written somewhere between 215 and 400 AD. Recent scholars seem to take the later date (source). The whole writing can be found here: Apostolic ...
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How does the Catholic Church choose the patron saint of a parish church?

I’m Catholic, and have been since birth. I attend parish of St. Francis in Bakersfield, California. I have noticed recently, that all Catholic Churches, for the most part are named after a Saint, i.e....
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What is the earliest surviving reference to the Paschal Greeting?

It's common in some traditions to greet one another with a "Paschal Greeting" on Easter, such as "Christ is risen," with the response "He is risen indeed." The custom seems to have originated in the ...
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What is the earliest instance of Eucharistic adoration?

Eucharistic adoration is a practice in Catholicism in which the Eucharist, being bread that has literally turned into the body of Christ, is publicly displayed. Commonly, it is placed in a monstrance ...
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