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Does Christianity have any connections to the Hinduism?

Islam and Christianity has same roots and also some names in Bible can also be heard in Quran. What about Christianity connection with Hinduism? Because so many pastors claiming that connection ...
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Do Mormons actually believe in any sort of supreme being/ultimate reality/"Absolute"?

From what I've heard about the Mormon God, he doesn't actually seem to fit the description of "supreme being" and rather seems more like a polytheistic Greek or Hindu God. The following may be ...
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Was Jesus a Hindu saint and belong to the religion of Hinduism? [closed]

I am from India and in various newspapers and in different electronic medias, people are arguing that Jesus was a Hindu person. His religion was Hinduism. He was born in Kerala state of country India ...
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Epiphanius: where does he describe Indians as the descendants of Abraham and Keturah?

The Austrian Carmelite Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo in his book "Darstellung der Brahmanisch-Indischen Götterlehre, Religionsgebräuche und bürgerliche Verfassung" (1797) states that Epiphanius was ...
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What's the difference between Actual Grace and Karma?

I was thinking about donating to the Best Podcast in the Universe but they always give out "Karma" for donors, and being a Catholic, I don't believe in Karma, but I do believe in Actual Grace and I do ...
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Trinity (Christians) = Trimurti (Hindus)?

I have heard about the concept ot Trimurti in Hinduism Wiki. One for construction (Brahma), one for protection (Vishnu) and one for destruction (Shiva). And somehow I feel it is related to Trinity in ...
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Does Christianity give a reason for life experiences, such as in Hinduism? [closed]

In Hinduism, there is a concept of past life karma. Meaning if someone is born into an unfortunate situation (in a slum, for example) it is because they are paying for sin from a past life. Does ...
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