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3 votes
2 answers

When a Council Deprives an Archbishop of "Sacerdotal Communion"?

On pg. 13 of the c. 1930 booklet, "Ephesus and Its Great Council," by T. A. Johnston, is found the following (excerpt from a quote by the said Ecumenical Council on the condemnation of ...
3 votes
1 answer

How is it that Nestorius is venerated in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church?

In a sense, related to What is the controversy that is leading the Syro-Malabar Catholics into schism? See Wikipedia: Nestorius and observe the churches that venerate Nestorius. How is it that ...
1 vote
2 answers

Can a Catholic Bishop Lose His Ecclesiastical Rank without being Defrocked? [duplicate]

My question stems from considering the content found in regarding an unnamed bishop and the correction given ...
6 votes
4 answers

Is the statement "That heretics be burned is against the will of the Spirit." still a statement which is against Catholic truth?

I am not asking if Roman Catholics find a biblical basis for burning an heretic; that question has been asked here. This question has to do with infallible statements by a Pope regarding how the ...
3 votes
5 answers

Why doesn't the Catholic Church kill heretics anymore?

So the Catholic church used their influence to sanction the execution of so-called "heretics" and now they do not. Somewhere in the middle they stopped supporting executions based on heresy. Why did ...
1 vote
3 answers

What must we do if the vast majority of the members of the Catholic Church here on earth profess heresy and are thus excommunicate?

What must faithful Christians do if the vast majority of the members of the Church here on earth, including those comprising the hierarchy or even the Pope, profess heresy (and are thus excommunicate)?...