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Questions tagged [heresy]

A heresy is a false teaching on a particular subject

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What is the status of Humbert's views on the efficacy of sacraments in Catholicism?

Humbert of Silva Candida was an important medieval theologian, best known for his involvement in the excommunication of the Patriarch of Constantinople in 1054. He was also a vocal proponent of a ...
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Are the five propositions condemned by Cum occasione in the Augustinus?

This simple question was the center of the quarrel around Port-Royal and the efficacious grace in the 17th century in France. In fact, the defenders of Cornelius Jansen’s Augustinus argued that they ...
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Who said, "Heresies Survive by the Truths They Retain"?

On pg. 7 of the 1938 edition of The Great Heresies by Hilaire Belloc, he writes: Wherefore it is said of heresies that ``they survive by the truths they retain.'' He does not seem to specify who ...
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What was the Cathars' / Albigensians' political philosophy?

What was the Cathars' or Albigensians' political philosophy? Was it the same as the Manicheans'? Who were these movements' prominent political philosopher-theologians? All these dualists thought that ...
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Is there a name for the heresy that Christ in heaven no longer has a human body or nature?

I have encountered a guy online who insists that Christ no longer has human flesh or a human body. Sometimes he seems to say that Christ no longer has a human nature but I haven't been able to pin ...
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Are any Christians outside of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches *not* considered to be heretics by the Catholic Church?

This question regarding whether the Catholic Church considers the Assyrian Church of the East to be heretics made me wonder: are any Christians outside the Catholic and Orthodox churches not ...
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What is the biblical basis for Semi-Pelagianism?

Broadly speaking, Semi-Pelagianism is the idea that while we are born sinners, we are capable of seeking God without a supernatural "override" of our nature, such as that of Calvinism's ...
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Was Isaac Newton a Heretic?

(Related to Was Leo Tolstoy a heretic?) Most know Sir Isaac Newton as the person who discovered gravity when he observed the fall of an apple or his discovery of light being a particle, but few are ...
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