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The language of the Israelites

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Do any Church Fathers speak about the similarity between εσωσεν and Ιησους?

The Greek verb for "he saves" is εσωσεν (esosen), and the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeshua, meaning Saviour, but coming from the Hebrew yoshia, meaning "He saves") is Ιησους (...
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Where can I find a PDF scan of Rahabi Ezekiel's "Travancore Hebrew New Testament" or "Book of the Gospel Belonging to the Followers of Jesus"?

It is a polemical rabbinic translation of the entire New Testament, allegedly in an uneven and faulty Hebrew, and with a strong anti-Christian bias.
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When did satan (SH7835) obtain the second meaning of superhuman adversary?

For Strong's Hebrew number 7854 (Satan) the Brown-Driver-Briggs' notes give these meanings: (1) adversary, one who withstands (1a) adversary (in general — personal or national) (2) superhuman ...
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