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The language of the Israelites

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Is Jesus the real name of Jesus or is it some kind of translation? [duplicate]

Do these small names we found in bible like Peter, Paul, Jesus, Christ used in Jerusalem or Israel 2000 years ago or are they just translations? Since Jesus was not speaking English, what was his ...
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Was the first gospel written in Hebrew?

I found this website that basically says that some if not all of the gospel could have been written in Hebrew. Is this theory supported today and by whom? Scholars and school of though would be ...
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What is the Etymology of the Name of Jesus? [duplicate]

What is the origin of Jesus' Name? Is it derived from the Greek god, "Zeus"? Here's some context for my question. At my church this Sunday a woman told me that the name "Jesus " was derived from the ...
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If Jehovah's Witnesses believe they should use Jehovah to be accurate why don't they use Jesus' real Hebrew name?

I think everyone knows that the name Jesus is Greek, but why don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses use his Hebrew name, which is closer to Joshua than to Jesus?
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Tridentine Latin Mass in Hebrew?

In 1957, Pope Pius XII gave permission to St. James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel to celebrate the traditional Tridentine Latin Mass of Pope Pius V in some part in Hebrew. In ...
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Has the Catholic Church ever attempted a local substitute for the word Amen?

The suffix 'Amen' has been in use in the prayers of virtually all Christian denominations across the world, though the pronunciation differs from place to place. Given that the names of God and Jesus ...
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Is the gender of the Holy Spirit, feminine or masculine? [closed]

I know the Holy Spirit (רוח הקודש) is usually referred to as masculine. But, what is the reason for that? The Hebrew word רוח (ruach; "wind; spirit") is one of the few words that is sometimes used as ...
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When is money first mentioned in Holy Scriptures?

When is money first mentioned in Holy Scriptures? And what is the Hebrew word for it? cf. my previous question: "Is money a consequence of Original Sin?"
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GOD/JESUS - Greek - Yahuwah/Yashuah - Hebrew

Growing up having a Christian background, I was taught to use God/Jesus to refer to the Creator and Son. Recently, I've come across some information stating that our Creator has a Name and that we ...
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What was the reason why the Jews specifically used the substitute Adonay/Kyrios for the Tetragrammaton?

God has one name. ‘’I am Yhwh and that is my name’’ (אֲנִ֥י יְהוָ֖ה ה֣וּא שְׁמִ֑י Isaiah 42:8). In the Hebrew Pentateuch the name of God was the Tetragrammaton (the four letter) ‘Yhwh’. The Jews ...
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