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an early Christian non-canonical gospel which purports to have been written by Apostle Thomas

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Could this be a reason why a school head-teacher refused to give permission for Genesis 1:27 to be quoted during a school assembly?

The visitor, who was to address many British school children on some of the things taught in the opening chapters of Genesis (and who I personally know, hearing this from him first-hand), had his talk ...
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Has there been an official pronouncement by the Catholic Church regarding the Gospel of Thomas?

The Gospel of Thomas is considered to be a 'Gnostic' gospel, discovered in 1945. It contains various sayings attributed to Jesus, and has some significant overlap with sayings of Jesus' in the ...
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Copies of Thomas

How many copies of the Gospel of Thomas do we have including fragments. I heard a speaker say that we had a single copy and wanted to verify.
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What is the basis for saying that the Gospel of Thomas was accepted as scripture by early Christians?

In an answer here, Dick Harfield writes: we know that [the Gospel of Thomas] and (probably) Q were treated as scripture by early Christians. Reading the Wikipedia article on the Gospel of Thomas, ...
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Did any ancient source believe in more than four gospels?

I'm listening to a lecture series by Dale Martin (Professor of Religious Studies, Yale), and he makes the passing claim that during development of the New Testament canon there were some who thought ...
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How can Saint Thomas Christians who are Catholic have confidence that St. Thomas sailed to Muziris?

This question is addressed to Saint Thomas Christians that are Catholic. Since the Catholic church rejects the authenticity of both the Gospel of Thomas and the Acts of Thomas, how can anyone in the ...
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How does the mainstream Christian view of the physical body differ from that presented in The Gospel of Thomas?

What is the value of the physical body in mainstream Christianity? Sometimes it seems to be very negative and to encourage one to concentrate primarily or even almost solely on the spiritual realm. ...
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Why is the Gospel of Thomas considered heretical by Nicene Christians?

I've seen in a few places the Gospel of Thomas described as Gnostic and thus heretical. I've seen people dismiss it as heretical but never going into the details of why that is the case. Why is the ...
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