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Pagan gods. Gods worshiped in polytheism.

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Did Israelites ever think that Egyptian gods were part of Yahweh's heavenly/divine council?

I came across an article that described how Dr. Michael Heiser shows that sections of scripture such as Psalm 82 talk about the Hebrew God as the head of a divine council of elohim, i.e. gods. So did ...
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What scholars disagree with Michael Heiser?

Michael S. Heiser has a podcast and a number of books mostly on heavenly beings, and makes a number of extraordinary claims. Among them: In Psalm 82, the psalmist writes that God renders judgement ...
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Does the divine council in Psalm 82 correspond to different religions that we see in the world today? [closed]

I read the book Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser a few years ago. In that book, Dr. Heiser begins the book by talking about how Psalm 82 opened his eyes to the council of multiple gods in the divine ...
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Meaning of the word - בָּרָ֣א [closed]

In Genisis 1:1 the reason the English Bible uses the word "God" instead of "Gods" for "Elohim" is the word בָּרָ֣א . Which translates from Hebrew as "son" or &...
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What are the teachings of Catholic Church on the existence or otherwise of Lesser Gods in the context of Ex 20:5?

We see the Lord telling the Israelite at Ex 20:5: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the ...
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Since YHWH and the Bible acknowledge other gods, does that mean that they literally exist?

Exodus 20:3 (NIV) reads, "You shall have no other gods before Me." According to the Tanakh (Old Testament), YHWH / Yahweh / (God) is an individual divine being, and the only God. Some sections of ...
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Why is God referred to as male rather than female? [closed]

Did God choose to reveal his being to us as a male instead of a female or is that something which can be attributed to our understanding? Thank you for your answers.
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Fallen Angels worshiped in ancient civilizations?

Ok, so I am doing research for a fictional book and in my research I have come across the names of 2 fallen angels (book of Enoch) that take advantage of mankind and allow man to worship them like god....
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Are any Greek or Roman gods mentioned by name in the Bible?

Are any Greek or Roman gods mentioned by name in the Bible? Also, are any Greek or Roman mythological characters or creatures mentioned in the Bible?
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Who is Ba'al from the Old Testament?

Judges 6:31 NIV But Joash replied to the hostile crowd around him, “Are you going to plead Baal’s cause? Are you trying to save him? Whoever fights for him shall be put to death by morning! If ...
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