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Who influenced anabaptist teachings the most and where did anabaptist teachings come from?

I know that Switzerland and southern Germany was the birthplace of anabaptism, did it come from Ulrich Zwingli? Or was there another more influential person out of the reformation that encouraged ...
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What are the practical differences between German Lutheran and Swiss Reformed traditions?

I know very little about the German Lutheran church and what set them appart from the religion I've been raised in, Swiss Reformed. However, my understanding is that they are closer to Catholics, and ...
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1967 Pastoral Letter of German Bishops on the Catholic Church's Magisterium

In his article The Magisterium, Biblical and Pastoral Aspects, Fr. John F. Wealon writes: I know of no wiser treatment than that of the German bishops in a pastoral letter of September 22, 1967. The ...
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What are the reasons for German Bishops who favor the "Synodal Path" for not just becoming Protestants?

I was reading an interesting article on the National Catholic Register where the pastor at Martin Luther's church in Wittenburg said he thought that people who disagree with the Catholic Church and ...
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