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Applies to the church or denomination's teaching on the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)

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Is there any biblical justification for referring to God as Mother?

On one occasion, I heard someone prayer, "To God, our Father and Mother." In The Shack, the Trinity is represented as three persons, where God the Father is a woman. Is there any biblical ...
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God created male and female.... What about those who do not fit in the box? [closed]

Often times I hear the argument that marriage is between a man and a woman, God made them male and female, (adam and eve not adam and steve ..etc). My question is for those who do not fit into the ...
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Does the Bible forbid a man from dressing like a woman?

Are there any verses in the Old or New Testaments that forbid a man from dressing like a woman? My question was prompted by this news article about the Harvest Crusade event and the comments that ...
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Current views about whether it’s appropriate to refer to God as "It"? [closed]

I have recently read in a book about some debate around the fact that God is considered a masculine figure (He/His) and that we should find gender neutral of expressing the same ideas. In my native ...
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What is the biblical basis for considering gender to be purely physical/biological?

In my other question, I asked what the biblical basis was for considering gender to not be merely physical, but also present in a person's soul and/or spirit. However, there are some who believe that ...
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What is the basis for Lombard's view that the basis of justification for OT men was different than for OT women?

While reading J. V. Fesko's The Theology of the Westminster Standards, I found an interesting tidbit in the context of his discussion of justification in Reformed theology: Medieval theologians ...
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12 votes
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What is the biblical basis for considering gender to be not merely physical/biological?

From the perspective of the tripartite nature of man--that men and women have a body, a soul, and a spirit--is there a biblical basis for the position that gender is not merely present in the body or ...
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Do any Christian groups refer to God as "she", "it" or "they"? (Or is it always "He"?)

In this age of “Political Correctness”, it seems that many people now frown upon the use of he as a gender-neutral pronoun with which to refer to the Christian God, though it was universally used for ...
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How do we know to refer to the Holy Spirit as He?

Another question really got me to thinking about the Holy Spirit. I thought it better to open a new question rather to divert the focus of that thread. So growing up, I also thought of the 1st ...
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What is the Biblical basis for rejecting Feminist Christian Theology which says we should use female pronouns for God?

Today I was tasked with answering the above question, but having spent a lot of time searching for information, I’m not even sure I fully understand what it is. Here is a brief overview: Feminist ...
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According to Catholic doctrine, do we retain our gender in Heaven? [closed]

The Bible tells us repeatedly that our earthly actions will impact our ability to enter the gates of Heaven. Some Biblical passages say that our earthly actions can improve or lessen our experience of ...
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