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The act of spending time together within Christian context

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Relationship with God vs Fellowship with God, are they synonymous?

Are these synonymous? My question is based on the point of already being a Christian. I’m open to any ideas and eager to hear them. Please note, I’m not looking for definitions of these terms. I’ve ...
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How does a Christian reject another's theology without rejecting their faith?

I, an "evangelical" "social justice" "protestant" have many theological disagreements with many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. For example, I reject a portion of ...
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What happens in Heaven when we come into contact with fellow Christians who don't wish to speak to us in this life?

Let say for one reason or another, we have friends whom we've drifted apart from in our lives, and they also happen to be Christians. We're all going to meet each other in Heaven, but does the Bible ...
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Do Christian concepts of fellowship allow for a congregation to welcome atheists to participate in their community? [closed]

Due to family issues, I have come to distance people from me, mainly because the family issues made me a rough person and I am not "easy" to hang around. For the same reasons, I was never close to the ...
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