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How do Continuationists respond to the "go empty hospitals" objection against the gift of healing?

An objection that I've heard many times from both atheists and Cessationists against the gift of healing is the following: If the gift of healing is for today, why don't we see faith healers emptying ...
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If the name of God and His Son are so important to the faith, then would it not be imperative that we use the proper name?

In order to appropriately answer the question, in my opinion there are few things to consider. First, there are those that have argued that the pronunciation of the name is not important and is ...
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Are there or have there been Christian healing ministries that have documented healing cases with supporting medical records?

Christian healing ministries abound. A quick search on any search engine can lead to lots of ministries that claim to be able to heal the sick, as well as testimonials of people who claim to have ...
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What are the origins and history of the practice of holding massive healing crusades in large stadiums or arenas?

For some time I've been interested in the topic of Christian revivals throughout history. In particular, Argentina stands out in my opinion during the second half of the 20th century with a track ...
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What is the justification for relying on faith healing and conventional medicine?

As a contrast to What is the justification for relying on faith healing over conventional medicine?, I thought I'd ask the opposite. What is the justification for relying on faith and conventional ...
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Which Christian sects promote faith healing?

Although it may difficult to cite all the sects, what are some major Christian sects that promote "faith healing"?
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Troubled people showing interest in reading the Bible: how to explain to them that faith is a lifestyle and not an "ATM"? [closed]

I get that often. I meet a lot of people who have some sort of troubles in their life and they show interest in reading the Bible to heal themselves. However, the majority of these people just ...
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What is the justification for relying on faith healing over conventional medicine?

Every so often, I read about Christian parents choosing faith healing over conventional medicine for their sick children, in some cases with lethal results. This usually results in the parents being ...
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