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Eucharistic miracles and Science

Are there any scientifically proven Eucharistic miracles? If there are, please provide sources / references (papers, articles, etc).
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What was Jesus' blood type , by official pronouncement of Catholic Church?

A write-up in states that Jesus belonged to AB type of blood group, as per official announcement of Catholic Church. The article cites a eucharistic miracle that happened in ...
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How can Catholics who adhere to Eucharistic Miracles claim the distinction between substance and accidents?

The question of “are Catholics cannibals due to their view on transubstantiation” question cropped up quite some time ago. The top answer on this question makes a distinction between substance and ...
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What is the Protestant view on Eucharistic miracles?

From the Wikipedia article on Eucharistic miracles: In Christianity, a Eucharistic miracle is any miracle involving the Eucharist. In the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Methodist, ...
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