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Did the Catholic Church make a conscious effort in re-naming the seven days of the week?

We see the Church having had great influence on many aspects of the development of human kind, including education, culinary habits etc. The very division of history by the term Before Christ and ...
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Why are Biblical names not translated?

Why is in not common practice that Biblical translators also translate the names of characters? I have found that translating Biblical names into English has added layers of depth to the stories. Here ...
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Is the Tamil name Savari derived from the name Xavier?

I want to know whether Savari is the Tamil Christian male name for Xavier?
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The Names of the Individual Sundays of Lent

I'm not an expert, I read the rules of the community but please go easy on me if I got this wrong. I've been reading etymologies for a few years now and I have a question about the Sundays in lent. ...
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What is the significance of "G12" in the evangelism strategy "G12 Vision"?

According to Wikipedia: The G12 Vision is a Christian evangelism and discipleship strategy established by Pastor César Castellanos, the founder of International Charismatic Mission Church. However,...
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